Masahiro Moro Representative Director, President and CEO Mazda Motor Corporation Masahiro Moro Representative Director, President and CEO Mazda Motor Corporation

The environment surrounding society is currently undergoing significant changes and we are facing uncertain and unpredictable times. Amid these major changes, we remain committed to brand value management and our aim to be a company that is essential to the people of the future and consistently chosen by them. To guide our way, we have adopted the 2030 Vision for Mazda, which describes where we want Mazda to be in the year 2030. To achieve this vision together with all of our stakeholders, we will advance value creation by taking on challenges facing the earth, people and society every day.

For the earth, we are mobilizing our resources to achieve carbon neutrality (CN) across the entire supply chain by 2050. In the areas of cars and technology, we have already disclosed our threephased electrification strategy for 2030 based on a multi-solution approach that will provide robust and diverse solutions to accommodate various regional customer needs and energy conditions. In Phase 1, we are strengthening technology development in the areas of development and production for the coming era of full electrification. In Phase 2, we will transition towards electrification. In Phase 3, we will commence the full-scale introduction of battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality at our global production facilities by 2035. This initiative is underpinned by three pillars: achieving energy saving, transition to renewable energy and using carbon-neutral fuels. As we advance efforts toward realizing CN, we will continue to strengthen our collaboration with partner companies.

In August 2023, we established our Human Rights Policy. Mazda believes that respecting human rights is fundamental to its corporate activities, and is firmly committed to upholding human rights by not tolerating any form of human rights violations in any of our activities, both internally and externally.

At Mazda, people are our most valuable asset, and the development of each person's abilities and the total sum of their growth are also the source of the company's growth. We will focus more on the front lines where we will foster an organizational culture that supports each and every employee, and we will create an organization where all employees working hard every day on the front lines of our business and operations can demonstrate their creativity and contribute to value creation. In this way, we will further enhance the value that Mazda provides, offer more uplifting experiences to customers, and contribute to the revitalization of regional communities and economies.

For the benefit of society, we continue to develop advanced driving support technologies based on human research. For example, we are expanding the introduction into the market of our Driver Emergency Assistance (DEA), a system which causes a car to decelerate and stop when the driver becomes incapacitated. We believe that contributing to the creation of a safe and secure society without accidents is an important mandate of Mazda. We will strive to achieve this by continuing to improve autonomous driving technology while listening to the views of not only drivers and passengers but also people and society in general concerning cars and by putting people's happiness first. In addition to developing safety technology, we will work together with local communities and society to achieve "zero fatal accidents."

Corporate governance is an important foundation for implementing our initiatives. The Board of Directors, which consists of 15 directors, includes six outside directors with diverse knowledge and experience, two of whom are female. A female executive officer has also been appointed from within the company.

By promoting diversity in gender, skills and other attributes, we aim to facilitate an open and robust exchange of opinions from various viewpoints, which will lead to further enhancement of Mazda's value creation. Furthermore, we are committed to strict compliance and will continuously reinforce governance to ensure fair, transparent, and prompt decision-making in management.

Mazda will continue to evolve the joy of driving concept in line with the times and contribute to each person's joy of living by delivering moving and emotional experiences. United as one with our group employees, partner companies, and people in communities, we will strive to be a company trusted by society and chosen continuously by future generations.

We will remain steadfast in our efforts to achieve this goal.

Masahiro Moro

Masahiro Moro
Representative Director, President and CEO
Mazda Motor Corporation