Basic Approach to Sustainability

Mazda promotes sustainability initiatives through its business activities in line with the basic policy on sustainability.

Basic Policy on Sustainability

While striving to sincerely meet the requests and expectations of all stakeholders under our corporate vision, Mazda aims for sustainable growth as a company through our global business activities. We are determined to contribute to the sustainable development of society through efforts to resolve various social issues by making the most of our strengths.


Through environmental conservation initiatives, we aim to prevent global warming, realize a sound material-cycle society, and create a sustainable future in which people and vehicles coexist with a bountiful, beautiful earth.


Respecting diverse talents and values, Mazda understands that individuals working together each play an active role in their own way. This leads to innovation in products and services that offer true Joy of Driving and emotional enrichment to our customers.


We will realize vehicles and a society where all people, wherever they live, can enjoy unrestricted mobility that offers safety and security and contributes to enriching lives and the sustainable development of local communities.

(Established in December 2021)

Corporate vision


While working to build a good relationship with all stakeholders, we will continue our efforts to enhance corporate governance by ensuring compliance and making fair, transparent, prompt, and decisive decisions.

Sustainability Promotion Organization

Each department carries out its operations based on goals and plans formulated with an understanding of the policies and guidelines determined by the CSR Management Strategy Committee, which the president chairs, and in cooperation with other Group companies. From FY March 2016, the Board of Directors holds discussions on issues concerning sustainability.
In addition, Mazda is exploring revisions to its sustainability promotion organization in the understanding that a more effective organization is necessary given recently growing interests over ESG.

CSR Management Strategy Committee

Deliberate the sustainability activities that are expected of Mazda from a global perspective, in consideration of changes in social environment.

  • Reviewing and identifying key issues (materiality)
  • Discuss social needs and trends, external evaluation analysis results, and etc.
Sustainability Promotion Organization (as of March 31, 2023)

Sustainability Promotion Organization

History of the Sustainability Structure
FY March 2005

・Began company-wide CSR initiatives
・CSR Committee established

FY March 2008

・Mazda evaluates its CSR initiatives in the six areas referencing the Charter of Corporate Behavior issued by the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren), etc.
・CSR Promotion Department established as a permanent structure

FY March 2009

・Integrated CSR initiatives and management
・Reinforced global perspective
・CSR Committee reorganized as the CSR Management Strategy Committee

FY March 2010

・Promoted initiatives both globally and across departments
・CSR & Environment Department established as a permanent structure
・Former CSR Promotion Department reorganized as a supervising compliance body and renamed as the Compliance Administration Department

FY March 2013

・CSR Targets established
・Started to implement the PDCA cycle to promote CSR initiatives based on ISO 26000
・Compliance supervision functions transferred to the Office of General & Legal Affairs

FY March 2014 ・Started study to review and identify key CSR issues (materiality)
FY March 2015 -FY March 2016

・Disclosed the process of reviewing and identifying materiality
・Continued to conduct interviews with interested parties in the Company and with external experts and specialists

FY March 2017

・Disclosed the results of the materiality review, and the items that were identified
・Reviewed the areas of CSR initiatives

FY March 2018 - FY March 2021

・Continued the process of reviewing and identifying materiality
・Discussions under way to clarify the relationship between the Company’s initiatives based on the Medium-Term Management Plan and the SDGs

FY March 2022

・Completed the process of reviewing and identifying materiality
・Identified the social issues that the Mazda Group should resolve through its business and clarified the relationship between these issues and the SDGs and targets adopted by the United Nations.
・Formulated the Basic Policy on Sustainability

FY March 2023

・Reviewed materiality
・Currently clarifying KPIs for materiality

Sustainability Promotion throughout the Entire Value Chain

In cooperation with suppliers and dealerships, Mazda has established a sustainability initiative promotion system throughout the entire value chain. The Company places emphasis on dialogues with stakeholders, to ensure that its sustainability initiatives not only comply with international rules as well as the laws and regulations of each country/region, but also respect local history, culture, and customs.

Sustainability Promotion throughout the Entire Value Chain

Long-Term Vision for Technology Development "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030"

In 2007, Mazda announced the "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom" long-term vision for technology development. Based on that vision, Mazda has worked to provide both driving pleasure and outstanding environmental and safety performance.
In August 2017, Mazda announced "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030," its long-term vision for technology development that looks ahead to the year 2030. In light of the significant changes in the global automobile industry, the new vision takes a longer-term perspective and sets out how Mazda will make use of driving pleasure—the fundamental appeal of the automobile—to help resolve issues facing the earth, people, and society.

Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030