Business Performance (5 Years)

Global Sales Volume (Thousands of units)

Consolidated Wholesales (Thousands of units)

Net Sales (Billions of yen)

Operating Income (Billions of yen) /
Operating Income Ratio (%)

Net Income Attributable to Owners of the Parent (Billions of yen) / Return on Equity (ROE) (%)

Net Income per Share(EPS) /
Net Assets per Share(BPS) (yen)

Research and Development Costs (Billions of yen)/
Ratio of R&D Costs to Net Sales (%)

Capital Expenditures (Billions of yen) / Depreciation and Amortization  (Billions of yen)/ Ratio of Capital Expenditures to Net Sales (%) 

Equity (Billions of yen) / Equity Ratio (%)

Cash Flows (Billions of yen)

Data Download

Key business performance and financial data over the last five years

Summary of Performance/Financial Data

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Consolidated Balance Sheets

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Consolidated Statements of Operations and Comprehensive Income

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Consolidated Cash Flows

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All Data Download

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