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Mazda Digital Motorsport

Mazda Digital Motorsport

In recent years the popularity of digital motorsports has been rapidly spreading around the world due to its ease of participation regardless of age or location.

Mazda, in an attempt to deliver the “joy” and “fun” of driving to even more people, has established a partnership with Gran Turismo SPORT that is set to deliver even more ways to "Celebrate Driving".
Gran Turismo SPORT

Gran Turismo SPORT

"Gran Turismo" is a series of driving simulation games developed by Polyphony Digital for the PlayStation® consoles released by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Mazda, in conjunction with “Gran Turismo SPORT”, developed a virtual race car dubbed the "MAZDA RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT", that has been playable in the game since May 22nd, and can be selected as a race car to compete in the “FIA Gran Turismo Championship”.


The original MAZDA RX-VISION is a concept car that was announced at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.
In the GT3 version, the beauty of the original design was enhanced to give it an even more aggressive appearance, befitting of a race car.
Furthermore, to meet the requirement of engine output for its class and in the pursuit of unprecedented performance, it mounts a 4-rotor "SKYACTIV-R" engine in the lightweight chassis.
*The MAZDA RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT is an in game (Gran Turismo SPORT) product.
To drive it you will need to have a PlayStation®4 and run the Gran Turismo SPORT software in an online environment.

FIA Gran Turismo Championships

Over 400,000 challengers from around the globe participate online in this full-fledged GT racing world championship that has been realized through a partnership between the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) and Gran Turismo.
Participants sign a contract with the manufacturer of the race car they will be using, and 12 brands, including official partners, along with 36 racers aim to be the best in the world in the final competition.
As Mazda is an official partner, drivers that choose to race with a Mazda car are able to participate in the final competition.
FIA Gran Turismo Championship image

FIA Gran Turismo Championships 2020

Manufacturer‘s Series World Final MAZDA members selected !
World Top 3 Mazda drivers are finally selected through the regional championships
and now ready to the world final (on-line race)
World final race video will be distributed globally on Dec. 19th, 13:00 GMT.
Stay tuned !

Jay Wong

Ryota Kokubun

Fabian Portilla

【Ryota Kokubun】
Age 21, Student

== Career ==
2018 Asia Oceania Region Final Winner
2019 World Tour Nation’s Cup Tokyo round winner
2020 Manufacturer series Asia regional Champion

== Comment ==
I ‘m very much appreciate to be able to hold the tournament in this way in such a circumstance, and I will try my best on this opportunity. The RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT is a car with a very beautiful design, and the unique rotary engine sound makes me feel high. I think it's a exciting car that you can enjoy driving.


【Fabian Portilla】
Age 29, Sim racer, coach, GT league organizer

== Career ==
Nation’s cup 、finalist (X2)、2018 American Regional final P2.4 times world final and many other e-sport races.

== Comment ==
I’m super excited to represent Mazda on the World finals. It has an special meaning for me, because I learned how to drive on a Mazda. Plus i’m very happy to be driving alongside Ryota Kokobun and Jay Wong. The RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT, it’s a gorgeous car with a thrilling engine sound. It handles beautifully on fast corners due it’s weight stribution, and when it comes to the design, it really captures the essence of golden era Rotary models.


【Jay Wong】
Age,32 Mazda Australia New car Sales Consultant at the dealer

== Career ==
2019 World Tour , Tokyo round
2020 World Tour, Sydney round
At the real world, international B license holde, 2016 Renault Sport Clio Cup China series (Gr.B) overall Runner up. 2017 Macau Touring Car Championship competitor, and others

== Comment ==
 I’m so glad I chose Mazda in 2020 official season and so proud we can bring Mazda into World Final.The main reason to make me feel so special is because I personally work in Mazda Australia as a new cars salesman. This will be very special experience for myself & Mazda.

This car is one of the best looking car in GT Sport. The 50:50 weight balance makes the car handling very well,and match with Mazda SKYACTIV principal - Jinba ittai.The heart running by Rotary engine which make this concept car perfect, the sound, the high Rev, the high pitch makes you so enjoy to push it to the limit around the race track.

Mazda 100th anniversary special event