Basic Approach

Based on "The Mazda Global Environmental Charter," the Mazda Group, recognizing the blessings of nature and the significance of environmental impacts, contributes to the conservation of biodiversity through its corporate activities worldwide, with the aim of establishing and developing a rich, sustainable society that ensures harmony between people and nature.

Priority Initiatives

  • Creation of Environmentally Sound Technologies and Products We will encourage the creation of technologies and products considering harmony between the environment and our corporate activities, by developing technologies that contribute to cleaner emission gases, reduction of CO2 emissions, research and development of clean energy-based vehicles, promotion of recycling and biodiversity.
  • Corporate Activities in Consideration of Conserving Resources and Energy We will promote reduction of substances with environmental impact and effective use of resources, and contribute to conservation of biodiversity, through efficient energy use and resource-saving/recycling activities.
  • Collaboration/Cooperation with Society and Local Communities We will promote local community-based activities, by striving to establish collaboration/cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders including supply chains, local governments, communities, NPOs/NGOs, and education and research institutions.
  • Awareness Enhancement and Information Disclosure We will take active and self-initiative actions and disclose and share the achievements widely to society, by striving to enhance awareness of the importance of coexistence between people and nature.

(Established in December 2012)