Mazda 100th Anniversary special projects image
This year, Mazda celebrates its 100th anniversary.
To that end, the company is holding two special events to celebrate the 100th anniversary since its founding and the release of the MAZDA RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT.
We hope that you enjoy playing Gran Turismo SPORT with the RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT.

Time Trial Challenge

This is a one-make Time Trial event that anyone can compete in using the RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT.
Why not take the challenge of becoming No.1 in the world?
MAZDA 100th Anniversary RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT Time Trial Challenge image

Time Trial Challenge Result

    • RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT Time Trial Challenge was closed on June 5th
      Thank you very much for many challenges.
    • Global Challenger Total :  18,312
      Race Track : Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium)
    • We hope you have enjoyed the potential of RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT through this event. Please continue enjoy RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT on your Gran Turismo SPORT
    • Finally on top of the 18,312 challengers is,
    • Mr. Igor Fraga(Brazil )
    • Congratulation ‼
    • Final Result
    • Winner : Igor Fraga (IOF_RACING17) (21) Brazil
         Time: 2’16.101
    • 2nd :  Takuma Miyazono (Kerokkuma_ej20) (20) Japan
         Time: 2’16.264
    • 3rd :  Mikail Hizal (TRL_LIGHTNING) (21) Germany
        Time: 2’16.289


Mazda Designer’s
original sketch panel (image)
Winner Igor Fraga
2nd Takuma Miyazono
3rd  Mikail Hizal

  • [ Comments from Mr. Fraga ]
    About the event:  “I enjoyed the competition myself, it is really good when you can attract the best drivers to battle each other, because I think that what matters the most at the end of the day.”
    About RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT: “I really liked the way the behaved as the car is very neutral. You can create understeer or oversteer just by your driving and it gives you the total control of the car. The sound also is amazing and the experience you have driving this car is great. “
  • Mr. Fraga obtained world title at 2018 FIA Gran Tursimo Championship, and now he turned in to the real racing world and joined the Red Bull Junior team this year. He is waiting for the season opening to enter the FIA ​​F-3 Championship and aim to become an F-1 driver. Let's support his dream together !
    2nd place Mr. Miyazono is the champion of the 2020 World Tour opening game of World tour at Sydney, Australia.
    3rd place Mr. Hizal is the 2019 FIA Gran Turismo Championship champion.
  • Thank you to the world's top members for participating in our event.
  • We are honored to send Mazda Designer’s original sketch panel to top 3 great drivers !
  • Thank you very much again for joining our 100 anniversary event !



Special movie clip!

Top time driving by Fraga!

Special movie clip!

Igor Fraga VS Takuma Miyazono
Difference of 0.163 second !

Please check the official website for details.

MAZDA 100th anniversary RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT
Livery Design Contest result

There were 555 works applied for the contest held from May 22 to June 19.
We also appreciate many congratulatory messages for Mazda 100th-anniversary.

We conducted impartial review together with Kazunori Yamauchi Senior Vice President
of SONY Interactive Entertainment who established GRAN TURISMO
and Ikuo Maeda Managing Executive Officer in charge of design/brand of Mazda. As a result,
we give awards to five works (GRAND PRIX for two works and EXCELLENT DESIGN AWARD for three works) as follows.


[IKUO MAEDA AWARD]  Hiroki Tanabe (17 years old/student)

[KAZUNORI YAMAUCHI AWARD]  Kohei Asaoka (18 years old/student)


[EXCELLENT DESIGN AWARD] Gilles MOTOT (37 years old/France)

[EXCELLENT DESIGN AWARD]  Keita Matsuzawa (33 years old/office worker)

[EXCELLENT DESIGN AWARD]  Mamoru Okada (25 years old/office worker)


Thank you very much for a lot of entries from all over the world.
All of your works are high-level and attractive, so we could enjoy selection.
We set standards for selection such as not spoiling dynamic form of RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT,
originality with clear subject, simplicity and beauty and gave subject titles to the works of winners.
Congratulations to all winners and thank you for Mr. Yamauchi who gave us this opportunity.

Ikuo Maeda

Ikuo Maeda
Managing Executive Officer

Kazunori Yamauchi
Senior Vice President
of SONY Interactive Entertainment

Final review (June 30, 2020)

Application period closed on June 19, 2020.
We closely examined the works which observe the regulations of the Livery Design Contest using livery function, narrowed downed to 20 works, and selected five works.
Mr. Yamauchi of SONY also joined final screening meeting through ZOOM meeting.

Works for GRAND PRIX

      [IKUO MAEDA AWARD]    Hiroki Tanabe (17 years old/student) 

      "SUPER HERO"
        The work excellently makes hard and strong impression necessary for racing car, without spoiling elegance of the base body.
        The subject is Kabuki’s kumadori which is appropriate for Japanese brand and the work uses “sujiguma” (one of kumadori) a style to express strength and justice as motif. In spite of difficult subject, the design suits the form of RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT from all angles and also communicates dynamic image as motor sports, not expressing Japaneseness too much.
      We highly appreciated the work because the maker challenged simple but very difficult design and completed it at a high level.
     I feel very happy to be selected by Ikuo Maeda who created Mazda’s KODO design and RX-VISION and to receive GRAND PRIX.
    RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT is a very beautiful vehicle designed based on Mazda’s “KODO - Soul of Motion” and at first I worried very much about subject. I thought about what is suitable as Mazda vehicle and Japanese vehicle and drew inspiration from various things in daily life.
    As a result, I came up with “kumadori” (Make up method unique to Kabuki). Personally, I paid a lot of attention to the part around headlights and placed the highest priority on how it can give powerful impression on people. I feel I could set refined atmosphere by highlighting sleek body shape further through the design with many curves and by using only two colors white and Soul Red for body.

      [KAZUNORI YAMAUCHI AWARD]  Kohei Asaoka (18 years old/student) 

    “Usually, when we participate in a race, we often design livery to cover imperfections of the vehicle.
    For example, we put stripe in the center if there are great distances between headlights, and we use different colors for upper part and lower part to make the body look thin if the body seems too heavy due to thickness.
    Although I feel livery is like “makeup” like this, RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT is a beautiful vehicle with perfect mask and proportion, so I selected his design with light makeup. I want to drive the vehicle with the livery if I participate in a race.”
    Thank you very much for selecting my design from a lot of entries. I’m very proud to receive GRAND PRIX.
    The concept of the design is “Mazda-unique coolness”. I focused on Mazda’s “KODO design” and used coloring in line with dynamic body line. Also, I incorporated the design used for LM55/MX-5 cup car and expressed Mazda uniqueness.
    I felt this machine seems aggressive and cool enough as race car, so I finished the work simple without using complex coloring, focusing on one of Mazda’s design philosophy “precious blank spaces surrounding simple forms”. I also paid attention to using white logos to unify overall atmosphere further.

      Gilles MOTOT (37 years old/France) 

    The work expresses respect for rotary engine. Two colors of white and blue are used asymmetrically and graphic is finely controlled. (Actually, Mazda design team newly found this time that white body goes well with RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT.)
    There is playful mind such as the use of our past logo marks and the name of our founder Jujirou Matsuda in tribute to Mazda’s 100th-anniversary. We felt love and expectations for Mazda from France.
    When I was contacted, I couldn't believe it, I am proud to have been selected and truly grateful to Mazda for having done so, a big thank you to you.
    In my opinion what best characterizes Mazda in the world of motor racing and the fact of their perfect mastery of the rotary engine I want for proof the superb victory at Le Mans 24H in 1991,
    ... I was lucky to see the 787B roll on the Bugatti circuit during the 2011 edition of 24h du mans and the RX-vision reminded me of this moment I wanted to represent their resemblance to this design inspired by the rotor.

      Keita Matsuzawa (33 years old/office worker)

      ‘THE -“M”
      The work using MAZDA’s initial “M” which is simple but invokes strong subject.
      “M” highlights wide stance when viewing from the front, and flowing line from bonnet to rear tires appears when viewing from above. We felt the design is very dynamic and filled with a sense of speed.
    I’m very surprised at receiving an award.
    I’m very happy if you like my work and use it in the game!
    The characteristic is Mazda-unique red body and white lines. I designed so that the white lines look like MAZDA’s "M" according to the angle.

      Mamoru Okada (25 years old/office worker)

      The work is very like race car, utilizing Polymetal Gray body color. It looks more aggressive by highlighting the contrast between organic RXV body and sharp black graphic with white pinstripe. We got modern impression through perfect graphic balance and the use of yellow as accent color for Polymetal Gray.
    <Comment from winner>
    Probably I’m happier than winning in online race because I feel what I thought good was recognized. I’ve imagined coloring which goes well with this vehicle since RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT was announced. I thought using “Soul Red Crystal” for base color will be good and planned to use red and black at first.
    However, I felt “Polymetal Gray Metallic” is also very cool when I actually viewed the vehicle on the game, so I decided to design the vehicle using black with white frame so that it can suit the two colors. I felt that I could also express 100th-anniversary feel.
    Considering the sleek body, I used the design with triangle and quadrangle in contrast.
    As mentioned above, I wanted to utilize base color, so I balanced the design to avoid the state black part is too much.
Congratulations to all winners and thank you for your wonderful livery design. We present two GRAND PRIX winners with original sketch panel that Mazda’s designer drew each GRAND PRIX work and three EXCELLENT DESIGN AWARD winners with RX-VISIONGT3 CONEPT original sketch panel.