Driving Academy

Driving Academy

"Be a driver"   Mazda Driving Academy in Japan

"Be a driver" Mazda Driving Academy offers driving experience and training programs for customers to learn driving theories and techniques and enjoy safe and responsive driving on the road. 
Curriculum is set up for customers to go through a basic training on “drive, turn and stop”, which is hard to acquire correctly in daily driving. An advanced training is also available for customers to improve driving techniques and gain better understanding of safe driving, and includes circuit driving experience.
Mazda Driving Academy also offers classroom lectures on Mazda's latest car manufacturing and test drive sessions for customers to experience what Mazda means by “Celebrate Driving”.

Driving Academy


Two classes that cater to different customer needs are available.

Basic Driving Class

For those who are new to Mazda Driving Academy, seeking to improve daily driving techniques. Basic Driving Class covers basic driving lessons such as correct driver's position, braking and steering. Past participants include customers with no circuit driving experience and those who were intent on revisiting the driving basics.

Advanced Driving Class

For those who have gone through Basic Driving Class and those with circuit driving experience, seeking to further improve driving skills and techniques. Please note that Advanced Driving Class is NOT intended for aspiring racing drivers who are intent on improving their racing performance.


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