Vision of Mazda

To create new value, excite and delight our customers through the best automotive products and services.

With passion, pride and speed, we actively communicate with our customers to deliver insightful automotive products and services that exceed their expectations.

We value integrity, customer focus, creativity, and efficient and nimble actions and respect highly motivated people and team spirit. We positively support environmental matters, safety and society.
Guided by these values, we provide superior rewards to all people associated with Mazda.

Brand Philosophy

We love cars. We strive to live fruitful lives through cars. In our vision of the future, we see cars, the earth, and society existing in harmony. We will continue to overcome obstacles with unique and original inspiration.

1. Bring joy to our customers through the ownership of their vehicles
2. Provide cars that are in harmony with the earth and society to more people
3. Embrace challenges and through our ingenuity master the "Doh" (the Japanese concept of "the Way" or "the Path")

Brand Essence “Celebrate Driving”

Mazda's Brand Essence is “Celebrate Driving”. “Celebrate Driving” delivered by Mazda is not just about driving performance. Choosing a Mazda prizes the owner with confidence and pride. Driving a Mazda leading up to urge to take on new challenges. Not just our products but every encounter with Mazda evokes the emotion of motion and makes customers' hearts beat with excitement. All of these are contained in our brand essence of “Celebrate Driving”.


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