Management Policy

Structural Reform Plan

In February 2012, Mazda announced Structural Reform Plan, in order to address changes in external environment and ensure future growth, and have implemented major initiatives.

Progress of Major Initiatives

Business innovation by SKYACTIV

- About 20% sales growth since FY March 2012

- Launches of SKYACTIV products are on track. Ratio of SKYACTIV models in FY March 2016 will exceed 85%

- SKYACTIV products and KODO Design are highly acclaimed all over the world

- Profit improvement through penetration of right-price sales and higher transaction prices

Accelerate further cost improvement through Monotsukuri Innovation

- Achieved improvements in both product competitiveness and cost through Monotsukuri Innovation

- Significantly improved efficiency of R&D investment and capital spending

- Further optimization of global sourcing

Reinforce business in emerging countries and establish global production footprint

- Full-scale operations underway at Mexico Plant. Produced 140,000 units in FY March 2015, expect to produce 230,000 units in FY March 2016

- New automatic transmission plant in Thailand launched as planned and operations are on track 

- New Mazda2 launched simultaneously in Hofu, Thailand, and Mexico

Promote global alliances

- Promote alliances to complement products, technologies, and regions

- In FY March 2016, start production and supply of compact cars to Toyota (Mexico Plant) and open two-seater sports cars to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (Hiroshima Plant)


Mazda announced a new medium-term business plan "Structural Reform Stage 2" which covers the period from FY March 2017 to FY March 2019. In the "Structural Reform Stage 2", we will achieve "qualitative growth" and improve brand value.

Financial Target

(FY March 2019)

Global sales Volume
1.65 million units
Operating ROS 7% or more
Equity Rario
45% or more
Dividend Payout Ratio
20% or more

[Exchange Rates : US dollar 120 / Euro 130]