Imagination Makes all the difference

Imagination Makes all the difference

With imagination, Mazda infuses a soul into its cars.


Breathing life into objects. Achieving such a creative wonder takes the touch of a true craftsman, exemplified by Takumi, master craftsmen in Japan's traditional trades, whose imagination turns merely useful products into something alluring, something enjoyable.

Car manufacturing is about more than just building machines that transport people. It's about creating something alive, something with a soul. Only cars with a soul can fascinate and delight. Such cars are born only when creative flight meets craftsmanship, when imagination drives engineering. At Mazda, we must achieve the creative heights of the Takumi craftsmen as we bring our passion and skills to the making of cars. Mazda sacrifices neither imagination nor craftsmanship. We fuse these elements of creativity to perfection and bring fantastic cars to the world.


The MX-5, more than any other car, captures the ethos of Mazda's car manufacturing: imagination makes all the difference. With its superior acceleration and braking response, the MX-5 satisfies your every impulse and desire on the road, giving your driving imagination free rein. You will also feel a sense of oneness with the car. This is an experience that is the hallmark of all Mazda cars but particularly the MX-5. Since its arrival on the sports car scene in 1989, the MX-5 has continued to turn heads and win hearts.

The MX-5's allure is such that it has achieved the honor of being continuously recognized as the “best selling two-seater sports car” by Guinness World Records. This car will make your adrenaline race from the moment you get behind the wheel.


Creating a form to express the graceful beauty and power of a sprinting animal. This is the concept of Mazda's “KODO – Soul of Motion” design theme. This concept is purified into a car design through a fusion of free-wheeling imagination and down-to-earth craftsmanship, in collaboration between the designer, who lets fantasy fly on the drawing paper, and the clay modeler, who molds the idea into an actual form.  Every tiny detail counts.

With this in mind, the design team traverses the boundaries between fantasy and reality as they explore how best to infuse the “soul of motion” into our cars.


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