Grassroots Motorsports

Roadster Party Race II
(JAF A-class competition license required)

A one make race in which numbered NR-A grade Roadsters compete. Held since 2002, drivers compete under equal conditions with vehicles that have only received a minimum of modifications. It is popular as being a race where competitors can enjoy the exhilaration of manipulating lightweights sports cars and victory is decided on the driver's abilities alone.

Mazda Fan Circuit Trial
(JAF B-class license required)

Unlike most races where all vehicles start at the same time, cars in this event all begin at predetermined intervals and compete to achieve the best lap time during their free run. Any Mazda owner is capable of competing with a license plate attached to their beloved machines. Classes are divided into models and engine displacement and awards are presented at the end.

Mazda Fan Endurance Race
(No license required)

A 2 hour 30 minute race competed with a full tank of gas, but with no refueling. Any Mazda owner is able to compete with their personal road car. This race requires competitors to not only focus on their speed, but to also pay close attention to their fuel consumption throughout the race. Here you can taste the real thrill of a unique Mazda endurance race.

Global MX-5 Cup
(Domestic Competition: JAF A-class license required)

From 2016, a one make racing competition is set to be held in Japan, the US and Europe, using an internationally unified spec new MX-5. Following the last race of the season, the top drivers in each region will compete in a world championship race.

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