Rasing Awareness of Traffic Safety

[Japan] Okayama Mazda Co., Ltd., Mazda Autozam Ito, Mazda Autozam Bairin, and other dealerships

Rasing Awareness of Traffic Safety

Promoting Traffic Safety in Cooperation with Police and Schools

Mazda dealerships work together with local police departments to promote awareness of traffic safety by cleaning convex traffic mirrors on streets, campaigning for traffic safety, and various other activities.
Since FY2020, Mazda Autozam Bairin has been cleaning convex mirrors in 24 locations near primary schools, kindergartens, and daycare centers in neighborhoods of the local community. This is done as part of the Mazda Autozam Bairin SDGs Cleaning Activities, a group activity in which all employees take part in cleaning rivers, roads and four parks in the vicinity of the dealership.
Since 2003, Mazda Autozam Ito has cleaned and inspected more than 1,000 total convex mirrors in efforts to eradicate traffic accidents, and on each occasion has reported the results of its activities to police. In FY2020, employees cleaned 48 mirrors.

Working in cooperation with the Okayama prefectural police and regional council to promote traffic safety, Okayama Mazda participates in the cleaning of road signs and convex traffic mirrors as well as roads and sidewalks near the dealerships every spring. In FY2020, a total of 220 people participated.
In another safety activity during FY2020, Okayama Mazda employees helped the elderly and children cross roads and assisted teachers guiding children in safe commuting to schools by cycling. Staff at dealerships also provided customers visiting their dealerships with tips on traffic safety for drivers, such as turning on car lights early and protecting pedestrians.

By the numbers

Consecutive years cleaning convex mirrors:
Mazda Autozam Bairin 1 year
Mazda Autozam Ito 18 years
Okayama Mazda 13 years