Support for Project Crimson Trust

[New Zealand] Mazda Motors of New Zealand Ltd. (MMNZ), Mazda Foundation New Zealand

Since 2004, MMNZ has provided Mazda vehicles to Project Crimson Trust, one of New Zealand's leading conservation organizations, to support the Trust's conservation work.
The TREEmendous Project, a joint project between Mazda Foundation New Zealand and Project Crimson Trust, was started in 2008 to educate children on the importance of the environment and the country's native fauna and flora.

In FY2019, 400 teachers, students, and parents and guardians from five schools, as well as members of the local community, helped implement the project.
Each school came up with ideas that were incorporated when performing maintenance on their schoolyards and planting gardens to cultivate a variety of native species.

Planting native flora, transforming the "classroom"

Planting native flora, transforming the "classroom"

The schools were very happy, saying "The school is always looking for ways to take advantage of its unique coastal location and the passion both the students and the wider community have for sustainability.
We have developed a long term plan to make better use of the wonderful natural resources at our door and being lucky enough to win this TREEmendous event gave us the kickstart we needed."

By the numbers
Duration of project: 12 years
Total number of schools: 49

Contributing to reducing the carbon footprint in New Zealand

MMNZ supports Trees That Count, an initiative started by Project Crimson Trust that aims to reduce the carbon footprint* in New Zealand and improve the environment. People can donate and gift trees to be planted in public spaces, and other also volunteer to help with the planting.

Contributing to reducing the carbon footprint in New Zealand

In FY2019, MMNZ purchased a further 25,000 trees as a Christmas present on behalf of their customers. The MMNZ team wrote to the customers telling them about the initiative to reduce Mazda's carbon footprint. In total Mazda have purchased 50,000 trees on behalf of customers and are placed 4th on the leaderboard.

* Carbon footprint: The amount of greenhouse gasses, calculated as CO2, released throughout the entire lifecycle of a product (from materials to disposal), service, or activity.

By the numbers
Duration of project: 2 years
Total number of trees: 50,000
Number of planting areas supported: 137