Cleanup Activities

[Japan] Mazda Motor Corporation, Group companies, dealerships
[Ireland] Mazda Motor Ireland (MMIRL)
[Thailand] Mazda Powertrain Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Thailand) (MPMT)

Employees at the Mazda Head Office (Hiroshima) work on periodical cleanups around the plants and offices during break times, participate in cleanup campaigns organized by local governments, and also implement cleanup activities of their own in the area around the Hiroshima Municipal Baseball Stadium, for which Mazda acquired the naming rights (known as Mazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima), and around temporary housing for those impacted by the heavy rains in July 2018.

By the numbers

Number of cleanup activities implemented in FY2019: 9
Total number of participants in FY2019: 928

Keeping Communities Clean in Japan and Abroad

Keeping Communities Clean in Japan and Abroad

The Hofu Plant, Miyoshi Office, Mazda Group companies, and dealerships throughout Japan keep the areas around their companies clean. In addition, they work together with local companies, organizations, and community members to implement cleanup activities during local events and festivals to support local tourism.
Additionally, MMIRL employees collected 16 bags worth of trash from the beach at Bull Island. And 800 MPMT employees helped clean up Bangsaen Beach.

Keeping Communities Clean in Japan and Abroad