Disaster Area Support

[Japan] Koushin Mazda Co., Ltd. and other dealerships

Disaster Area Support

Transportation Support During a Disaster

A number of Mazda dealerships have entered into agreements with local municipal governments and organizations to provide support to the local community in the event of a natural disaster.
Koushin Mazda has have signed agreements with the Nagano Nursing Association and Yamanashi Nursing Association to provide vehicles at the time of a disaster.
Although it has been customary for Koushin Mazda to dispatch employee volunteers to support areas affected by natural disasters, as a company in the car business it considered how it could further contribute to society. This led to concluding agreements with local organizations. In the event of an emergency, Koushin Mazda will provide on loan free of charge up to three clean diesel engine vehicles that run on diesel oil, which is relatively easy to obtain even during a disaster, to support the dispatch of nursing association staff and the smooth transportation of supplies. Expressing their appreciation, association representatives made comments such as, "The vehicles will lead to safe and secure activities," and "Having support vehicles on hand for disaster relief is a blessing."

By the numbers
Duration of program: 1 year