Mazda Hospital

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Founded on the principle of "contributing to society by providing the best and most up-to-date medical care with warmth and kindness of heart," Mazda Hospital is committed to cooperating with nearby medical institutions and contributing to the community as a core local hospital. Though established by a private company, Mazda Hospital is well used by local residents, who now account for 85% of outpatients and 97% of inpatients.

In addition, Mazda Hospital is actively working to improve regional medical care by providing hands-on training for students who want to pursue a career in medical care, and holding health classes and lectures for local residents. Other efforts initiated by the Mazda Hospital include training exchanges with local practitioners, joint disaster training with relevant organizations to be able to offer prompt, stable medical care at the hospital, local disaster relief as needed, and case review meetings with emergency services with a view to improving services.

Mazda Hospital

Contributing to Society by Providing Medical Care

Since 2015, Mazda has cooperated with the Hiroshima Prefecture Nursing Association in conducting on-site classes where students can learn the importance of life and develop an interest in medical professions by learning about nursing work and the role of disaster relief nurses.
Mazda Hospital also provides opportunities for "hands-on" nursing experience for high school students. In FY2020, however, this program was canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

By the numbers
Number of years Mazda Hospital has been in operation: 83 years
Average number of outpatients per day: 563
Average number of inpatients: 206
Average number of ambulances received per day: 6.3