Mazda Hospital

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Founded on the principle of "providing the best and most up-to-date medical care, and contributing to society with warmth and kindness of heart," Mazda Hospital is committed to community contribution by providing healthcare as a core community hospital in eastern Hiroshima City. Though established by a private company, Mazda Hospital is well used by local residents, who now account for 85% of outpatients and 97% of inpatients.

In addition, Mazda hospital is actively working to improve regional medical care by providing hands-on training for students who want to pursue a career in medical care, and holding health classes and lectures for local residents. Other activities include training exchanges with local practitioners, joint disaster training with related organizations in order to quickly offer stable medical care at the hospital and disaster relief in the field, and case review meetings with emergency services.

Sharing the importance of life

Sharing the importance of life

Since 2015, Mazda has cooperated with the Hiroshima Prefecture Nursing Association to conduct on-site classes so that students can learn the importance of life and gain an interest in medical professions through learning about nursing work and the role of disaster relief nurses.
In FY2019, during visits to neighboring junior high schools, students experienced taking pulse measurements and carrying the necessary luggage (about 20 kg) of a disaster relief nurse dispatched to a disaster area. Additionally, speakers conveyed the importance of life and of medical support for disaster-affected areas through sharing experiences of dispatches and nearby disasters, such as the heavy rains in July 2018. Students commented, "I learned that nursing is a job with lots of responsibility," "Life is the most important treasure," and "I realized that I should be thankful for life."

Additionally, Mazda Hospital provides practical training for university students who want to work in healthcare and provides opportunities for high school students to experience nursing work.

[Results for FY2019]
Accepted healthcare students 142 participants in seven occupational categories (healthcare students)
Friendly Nursing Care Experience Seminar (in cooperation with the Hiroshima Prefecture Nursing Association) 16 participants (high school students)
On-site nursing classroom 100 participants (junior high school)

By the numbers
Number of years Mazda Hospital has been open: 82 years
Number of outpatients per day (average): 609
Number of inpatients (average): 212
Number of ambulances accepted per day (average): 5.9