Mazda Specialist Bank

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Mazda Specialist Bank

Responding to the needs of various generations

Mazda dispatches current and retired employees for lectures on specialized knowledge, technology, expertise (vocational lectures, environmental classes), special skills (English, music, magic show, storytelling, sports, etc.) and other events since 1994, upon request from educational institutions and other organizations, in order to utilize its diverse human resources to contribute to education in local communities.
In FY2019, employees in charge of planning safety technology were dispatched to lecture at an event on traffic safety for the elderly held at a community center. Additionally, an MMVO* employee visiting the headquarters for training was dispatched to a high school to introduce the differences between Mexican and Japanese culture, offering an opportunity for international exchange. In coordination with a local social welfare association, hand massages and manicures were offered at an event named "Fureai Iki-iki Salon."

Mazda will continue this win-win activity that matches local needs and allows employees to grow.

* Mazda de Mexico Vehicle Operation

By the numbers

Duration of program: 26 years
Number of specialists dispatched in FY2019: 70 events, 275 specialists
Cumulative Total: 3,183 events