Thanks for 30 Great Years at Kenbuchi

Hokkaido Kenbuchi Proving Ground Open Facility Event

[Japan] Mazda Motor Corporation

All Smiles at the Curling Table

All Smiles at the Curling Table

From January to February, Mazda conducts automotive cold-weather tests at the Hokkaido Kenbuchi Proving Ground. Every year since 1990, Mazda staff thank the people of Kenbuchi-cho, who warmly welcome them each winter, by opening the Kenbuchi Proving Ground to the public and inviting local residents to attend a community event.
The 30th annual event was held on February 3, 2019. Around 360 community members enjoyed the event.
The most popular activity this year was table curling. Participants tossed cans, in place of curling stones, toward the center of the target. Everyone, from small kids to adults, enthusiastically enjoyed the game.
Participants commented, "I look forward to this event every year" and "I enjoyed playing the new games introduced to this year's event."

By the numbers
Duration of event: 29 years