Mazda to Support Global MX-5 Cup Japan


Mazda has announced it will sponsor the new Global MX-5 Cup Japan series for MX-5 Global Cup cars, which adhere to uniform racing specifications worldwide. 

Global MX-5 Cup car (For illustrative purposes only)


Organized by B-Sports Corporation, the Global MX-5 Cup Japan series will start in 2017 and comprise five races held in various locations around the country. The series champion will have the chance to race in the MX-5 Cup Global Invitational to be held at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, California from 2017. These races are open to Mazda MX-5 Global Cup racing cars, which can be ordered in Japan through Carrosser Co., Ltd.

Competitors race in the MX-5 Global Cup in the U.S.


Mazda has always offered driving fun through its vehicles, technologies and services. In Japan, the company has sponsored the Roadster Party Race, which provides an easy way for MX-5 owners to experience the thrill of racing. Now the company will also sponsor the Global MX-5 Cup Japan, a higher-level race.

 Competitors race in the MX-5 Global Cup in the U.S.


MX-5 Cup cars must adhere to strict racing specifications and compete on slick tires. Each heat is held at a different circuit, and the final 45-minute sprint race is a true test of the driver’s skill.  Specific parts must be used so vehicle performance is as uniform as possible, and weight adjustments are made with the driver onboard to ensure all cars compete on an equal footing. 

Because vehicle specifications and race regulations are the same around the world, the Global MX-5 Cup offers a chance to determine the world’s best MX-5 racer fairly.

Competitors race in the MX-5 Global Cup in the U.S.


The Global MX-5 Cup began in America this year. In addition to Global MX-5 Cup Japan, series are planned in Europe and other regions. 

Check the motor sports page of Mazda’s official website for the latest information:


 Competitors race in the MX-5 Global Cup in the U.S.


 By giving more people the opportunity to safely enjoy participating in motor sports events, Mazda hopes to strengthen its connection with customers and become their “one and only” brand.