Mazda’s actions against the spread of the novel coronavirus

Mazda’s actions against the spread of the novel coronavirus

Putting safety and health of our customers, employees and business partners first,
Mazda is committed to taking initiatives that comply with the official guidelines issued by government bodies and
local administrations.

Mazda Motor Corporation would like offer our deepest condolences to those whose lives were taken away by the symptoms caused by the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), their families and loved ones. We would also like to express our sincerest sympathies to all those affected by the global pandemic that continues to spread around the world.

In response to the spread of Covid-19, Mazda as a group is taking actions to support all the people who are on the frontline, working tirelessly day and night, including members of the central and local governments, healthcare professionals, members of local communities and all those who stay put to prevent the further spread of the pandemic.

We are committed to make a contribution in every way we can by listening to the voices of the recipients to address their concerns, thereby living up to their expectation.


Operations of our dealer showrooms in Japan

To secure safety and health of our customers, our dealer showrooms are taking the following actions:

①Tables and chairs are further spread out on the showroom floor to avoid crowding and secure social distance.

②Doors and windows are opened from time to time to secure ventilation and avoid creating a closed space in our facilities.

③Showroom space as well as exhibit and demo cars are regularly disinfected.

Upon entering our dealer facilities, customers are requested to disinfect their hands and fingers with our supply of antiseptic solution.

We thank all visiting customers for their understanding and cooperation in preventing the further spread of Covid-19.


List of activities in response to the spread of the novel coronavirus

(As of November 7, 2022)


Support to local communities

Updated on April 27, 2020

Provision of stockpile at Mazda (surgical masks)

To prevent the spread of Covid-19, Mazda has provided stockpiled surgical masks to healthcare professionals working in our local communities.
The stockpiled surgical masks will be delivered to local healthcare institutions via recipients.

RecipientNumber of surgical masksDate
Hiroshima Prefecture 10,000 Apr 22, 2020
Hiroshima City 10,000 Apr 23, 2020
Yamaguchi Prefecture 5,000 Apr 24, 2020
Hofu City 5,000 Apr 24, 2020

Updated on May 26, 2020

Provision of items donated by Mazda employees (raincoats)

As for isolation gowns, one of the items that have become difficult to obtain in healthcare setting amid of the spread of coronavirus, Mazda have donated unused raincoats contributed by Mazda employees for the use as a substitute for gowns.

RecipientNumber of items *1Date *2
Hofu City 60 Apr 20, 2020
Hiroshima Prefecture 306 May 26, 2020
Hiroshima City 379 May 26, 2020
  1. *1 Accumulated number of items offered
  2. *2 Last date of provision when the supply is made several times.

Updated on June16, 2021

Provision of items donated by Mazda employees (cloth for making waste cloths)

Mazda employees volunteered to donate cloth such as towels and T-shirts to be used for making waste cloth (cleaning cloths used for maintenance work of machines, etc.). The donated cloth is provided to welfare workshops engaged in making waste cloth, whose management has been affected by the recent short supply of such materials.

RecipientNumber of items *1Date*2
Hiroshima City Council of Social Welfare
(Welfare workshop in Hiroshima city)
About 220kg
(Equivalent to about 2,640 pieces of waste cloth*3
Jun 16, 2020
Hiroshima City Council of Social Welfare
(Welfare workshop in Hiroshima city)
About 200kg
(Equivalent to about 2,400 pieces of waste cloth*3
Dec 21, 2020
  1. *1 Accumulated number of items offered.
  2. *2 Last donation day in the case of several donations.
  3. *3 Assuming that 1 kg of cloth can make roughly twelve 50cm x 60cm sheets of waste cloth.

Support to medical frontline health workers and provision of medical supplies

Updated on May 26, 2020

Mazda starts providing Mazda-made medical face shield frames

Mazda Motor Corporation has made a decision to supply medical face shields to healthcare professionals working on medical sites in cooperation with Hiroshima prefectural government, JMS Co., Ltd. in Hiroshima City and Ishii Hyoki Co., Ltd. in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima prefecture. Production of the face shield frame parts began on May 25 at Mazda. These parts will be assembled with the face shield films produced by Ishii Hyoki Co., Ltd. A total of around 3,000 medical face shields will be supplied as a first batch to local healthcare institutions via Hiroshima Prefecture.

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Updated on November 7, 2022

Mazda Provides Vehicles for Transportation of Covid-19 Patients with Mild Symptoms

Mazda Motor Corporation has provided vehicles for transportation of carriers of Covid-19 showing mild or no symptoms as part of its support activities for the prevention of the spread of the novel coronavirus. Mazda designed the vehicles using the Mazda CX-8 as a base model, and Mazda Engineering &Technology Co., Ltd. mounted accessories with consideration to the various needs of the governmental body and medical institutions.

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  *Orders for this vehicle are no longer available.






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