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LDWS(Lane Departure Warning System)

The Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) detects line marking on the road surface and warns the driver of unintentional lane departures.

This system is particularly effective in situations where the road is continuously straight and drivers have a tendency to not pay sufficient attention to the road.

When the lane change is accompanied by turn signal operation or acceleration, the system recognizes the maneuver as intentional and does not sound an alarm.

* LDWS may not perform as expected due to factors such as bad weather (rain, snow, fog, etc.) and road conditions (tight curves, undulations, indistinct road markings, etc.).

* LDWS is designed to reduce the risk of accidents by warning the driver of unintentional lane departures. However the system has its limitations, and no safety system or combination of such systems can prevent all accidents. These systems are not a replacement for safe and attentive driving. Please drive carefully at all times and do not rely on technology to prevent an accident. Not all of these systems are available on all models or in all markets, so please contact your local Mazda dealer for details on availability. Please refer to your owners' manual for additional important system details, limitations and warnings.

How LDWS works

How LDWS works

Click here to watch a video that shows how LDWS  works