2019 Geneva Motor Show:
Mazda Press Conference


As a brand-new addition to the Mazda lineup,
Mazda CX-30 offers refined quality in all the areas that matter to drivers.

Mazda CX-30 with a woman

Message from Program Manager

Mazda wants drivers – and their passengers – to truly enjoy the many ways in which owning a car can enrich your lifestyle. We designed the Mazda CX-30 to help customers make stimulating new discoveries within their daily routine and share them with the people they love. This new compact crossover is the second model in a new generation of Mazda cars that offer refined quality in every area.

We hope that the Mazda CX-30 will help customers discover new things in their surroundings, rediscover the delights of their daily commute and enjoy more in-car conversations. Nothing could please us more than knowing that the Mazda CX-30 has helped to make the lives of our customers, their families and their friends more wonderful.

Naohito Saga
MAZDA CX-30 Program Manager

Naohito Saga Mazda CX-30 Program Manager
Mazda CX-30 in nature

*Models shown are European specification.