Concept behind SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY: Redefining Everything about Cars

Concept behind SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY: Redefining Everything about Cars

SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY has kick-started a revolution, taking cars to the next level by redefining everything, from the engine and transmission to the platform. But the story behind this revolution is not just about cutting-edge technology and sophisticated engineering. History and heritage also played an important role.

Inspired by Hiroshima Heritage: Courage and Grit

Ever since its foundation nearly a century ago, Mazda has kept its home base in Hiroshima, a region that is a source of inspiration to us.
Hiroshima has thrived as a manufacturing hub in Western Japan, turning out steel and ships, as well as cars. After the atomic bombing in the closing days of World War II, Hiroshima rose from the ashes and regained its prosperity.
Hiroshima’s tradition of manufacturing runs through our veins, and the spirit of courage and grit that has underpinned the successful rebuilding of the region has seeped into our DNA.
Hiroshima’s heritage has inspired us to pour our souls into creating cars that are fun-to-drive and has empowered us to clear every hurdle and stumbling block we have encountered along the way.
The case of Mazda’s successful development of the rotary engine is the perfect example. Before Mazda made history with its rotary engine cars, commercialization of a rotary engine was regarded as something akin to a pipe dream. Without the spirit of courage and grit that we inherited from Hiroshima, the project would have remained just that ― a dream.

Taking a Fresh Look at Basics

Spurred by the need to meet safety and environmental performance standards, automakers around the world have been rushing to put out novel technologies. However, Mazda stopped to think twice about this trend: “Can we give more driving pleasure by just cramming fancy new technologies into our cars? Doesn’t basic driving performance matter?” We decided the way to go is back to the basics. We revisited every fundamental component and made sweeping changes by shattering the boundaries of convention. The result is the SKYACTIV family of technologies that lifts the cars’ performance to new heights and delivers sheer driving pleasure at the same time.

Total Change-Over: New Engine, New Transmission, New Body

Gasoline and diesel engines that deliver a combination of outstanding fuel efficiency and sheer driving pleasure. Transmission systems that ensure perfect control of the car while contributing to better fuel efficiency. A lightweight but rigid platform that enables cars to better perform their basic functions – accelerate, turn and stop.
The SKYACTIV family of technologies embodies innovations that we have achieved in an effort to deliver the very best in terms of a cars’ basic functions, with no compromise.


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