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Mazda uses various methods to reduce injury to pedestrians in the event of a collision.

The Impact Absorption Bonnet mitigates the impact to a pedestrian's head in a pedestrian accident.

Active Bonnet is designed to mitigate shock to the head in the event the vehicle collides with a pedestrian. Designed to activate with a defined speed range, the system causes the rear end of the bonnet to pop up when an impact exceeding a certain threshold is detected, creating a shock-absorbing space between the bonnet and the engine.

Energy absorption materials are used in the front part of the vehicle which hits pedestrians' knee to mitigate the severity of pedestrian's knee injuries. Also, stiffening reinforcement is placed at the bottom of the bumper to better prevent pedestrian's leg from going under the vehicle. In anticipation of an accident, the shape of bonnet is carefully designed to reduce the damage to the pedestrians' knees, which are an important part of the body for walking.

How Active Bonnet works

How Active Bonnet works