Mazda’s Unique Performance – Visibility Vol.2

Mazda’s Unique
Performance Visibility

For Mazda, visibility is a critical part of its car’s performance coming from an extensive study on human behavior and traits.

Seishi Nakamura
Vehicle Testing & Research Department

Boosting confidence of drivers at all levels.

Nakamura is an engineer who looked at driver’s physical characteristics and pursued excellent visibility in great detail. We asked him of his future vision of Mazda’s visibility. “We’ve been working on forward visibility. Our next step is to cover 360-degree vision for a driver.” He tells us that a clue to his future vision lies in continuous visibility.

“When you drive a car, everything’s in motion – a car you’re driving, other cars on the road and pedestrians. When you momentarily lose sight of on-road objects, you see them in the next second. Let’s say, even if you miss some frames in frame-by-frame playback, having a continuous vision allows you to visually detect an object.”

He tells us that his ultimate goal is to deliver “spatial recognition” ability to driver, so that driver can recognize relative positioning of his car and other cars on the road.

Boosting confidence of drivers at all levels.1

Boosting confidence of drivers at all levels.2

“Delivering safety and peace of mind” is the most important aspect of visibility, says Nakamura.

“If you’re a good driver, you can rely on your experience and skill to thoroughly enjoy driving. But if you lack confidence in driving, driving a car with a not-so-good side and rear vision and a car that does not give you a clear view of pedestrians can be frightening. I want to remove all those anxieties for our customers to really enjoy driving our cars. I believe that offering safety and peace of mind will make more drivers feel and “Celebrate Driving”.  

Having a recognition surround the car you’re driving gives confidence to you, and you will feel more oneness with your car. Visibility that Nakamura and his team keep refining clearly makes a great contribution to Mazda’s Jinba Ittai driving.


  • For Mazda, ideal driving starts with an optimal driving position.
  • Achieving safe driving AND undistracted information control.