Intelligent Drive Master (i-DM)

What is “intelligent driving”? At Mazda, we consider “intelligent driving” to be that which is fun for the driver, yet considers the comfort of passengers as well. As a bonus, such driving also leads to improved fuel economy. Mazda’s Intelligent Drive Master (i-DM) is a system designed to help you improve your technique and driver more “intelligently.”

As the driver controls the car using the accelerator, brake and steering wheel, the bodies of the occupants will move and sway in response to the vehicle’s movements. Using an onboard computer, i-DM employs a spring-mass model to calculate these body movements based on vehicle speed and steering angle inputs. These computed body movements are used to evaluate the driver’s driving style, with the results displayed in real-time using a system of blue, green and white lights.

Intelligent Drive Master (i-DM)

Spring-mass model

Intelligent Drive Master (i-DM)

Example evaluation index

In addition, the system allows drivers to check their overall driving score, either at the end of each drive or even part way through. This allows drivers to keep track of their progress.

Intelligent Drive Master (i-DM)

i-DM’s overall results display screen

Intelligent Drive Master (i-DM)

Trying to keep the blue light on at all times will help you to achieve “intelligent driving,” pleasant and comfortable for both you and your passengers.

Blue light (“Intelligent driving”)
The blue light indicates that you are driving “intelligently.” While exhilarating, the ride is comfortable, smooth and dynamic, without excess motion or wasted energy. Staying in this zone means comfortable passengers and efficient fuel use.

Green light (Mild driving)
The green light indicates mild and careful driving that will not cause discomfort for occupants. This kind of driving is also very fuel efficient.  

White light (Body-sway driving)

The white lamp indicates driving that will cause you and your passengers to experience excessive and uncomfortable body sway. This kind of driving also reduces fuel economy performance.*Note that i-DM’s blue light is shown within the white square, indicating “intelligent driving.”