The Instant Danger of Texting While Driving

Project Yellow Light

[United States of America] Mazda North American Operations (MNAO)

Safe Driving Education for Young People

Safe Driving Education for Young People

MNAO has supported Project Yellow Light, safe driving education program targeted at young people, since 2012. Every year, Project Yellow Light challenges teens to create 60-second public service announcement videos to encourage young people to avoid distracted driving.

The winners receive scholarships provided by Mazda Motorsports and other partner companies, and the winning public service announcement videos are distributed to TV stations for broadcast and displayed on digital billboards throughout the United States. High school and college students were selected as video/billboard/radio winners for the 6th scholarship contest in 2017.

Professional Racing Driver Lectures on the Dangers of Distracted Driving

In May 2017, a Mazda Motorsports driver spoke passionately to high school students about safe driving from the unique point of view of a professional racing driver, in order to raise awareness for safe driving. His lecture covered topics such as the danger of texting while driving and how difficult it is to recover from oversteering.
One participant said that the lecture was "extremely helpful to raise awareness about safe driving among both students and the entire community, in order to learn how to prevent accidents".

In addition to lectures, young racing drivers from Mazda Motorsports are educating young people by attaching the logo for this project to their race cars and driver's suits.

By the Numbers
Duration of campaign: 6 years