[Japan] Donation based on the number of responses to customer survey conducted at dealership in Japan

The donation was provided to organizations promoting social contribution activities including programs to support the recovery of the regions affected by Great East Japan Earthquake.

Mazda*1 conducted online customer opinion/request survey, rating quality of dealership response and service, of customers*2 who purchase Mazda vehicles or bring vehicles in for maintenance or servicing (survey title: Questionnaire About Your Dealership*3). The company donates ¥50 for every response it receives during the survey period. (The effort has continued since August, 2011.)
From April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017, many customers responded our questionnaire.
We are grateful to the participation and sincerely receive the opinions and will use them to improve future Mazda dealership.
The number of responses is 220,757. The donation is described below.
Amount donated: ¥50 x 220,757 = ¥11,037,850
Total number of responses since August 1, 2011: 811,280
Total amount donated: ¥40,564,000
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Activities Donated in 2017

The donation was provided to local NPOs which conduct recovery efforts for the earthquake victims for long term with independent ways.

Activities Donated in 2017 Japan NPO Center “JAPAN EARTHQUAKE LOCAL NPO SUPPORT FUND”

"Mazda Support Program for NPOs Providing Daily Transfer Service" 

This program was established in 2017, under cooperation of Japan NPO Center and Mazda, to support non-profit organizations which provide daily transfer service for the elderly and the physically challenged. 26 organizations applied for this program and 19 organizations received donation, with the review of Japan NPO center. The donation was used by the organizations to hold education classes for volunteers learning transfer service, to repair vehicles for transfer service, etc.

"Mazda Support Program for NPOs Providing Daily Transfer Service"

*1 Some dealerships do not participate in the survey program. For details, please inquire at the dealership you use.
*2 Customers who visit a Mazda or Mazda Autozam dealership and purchase a new or used vehicle, or bring a vehicle in to be serviced or inspected are asked to complete a questionnaire.
*3 Eligible customers receive the URL and a password for the website at each dealership. Participants are asked to visit a dedicated website and fill out the questionnaire using a PC, mobile or smart phone. Questionnaires that are completely filled out are counted as the number of effective answers.