[Japan] Science and Technology Challenge Event (Hiroshima)

Mazda held a science and technology challenge event.

Date:  August 1(Tuesday), 2017 10:00-16:45
Place: Mazda Head Office (Hiroshima)

The Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office in Japan promotes “Science and Technology Challenge” events where female students can visit actual workplace of companies and have experience on the work regarding science and technology so that they can consider their future job selection. Mazda approves of the action and held a special science and technology challenge event in Head Office (Hiroshima) for the first time.
Five female high school students participated and Mazda’s female engineers introduced some facilities for car development. Then, the students had an experience to examine the ride comfort of some test cars. And, they made a presentation to the engineers after discussing on ideal functions of cup-holders in a car.
The students said that the event was helpful to expand their knowledge and interest in cars and to consider their future job selection.

[Japan] Science and Technology Challenge Event (Hiroshima)

Mazda will continue fostering people who will be future leaders in the foundation of society and in business as part of social contribution (as human resource development).