[Japan] Kite-Mite-Notteminsai 2017 (Hiroshima)

Mazda Technical College exhibited a booth for infants and elementary school children in “Kite-Mite-Notteminsai 2017,” a local event for community revitalization.

The “Kite-Mite-Notteminsai”*1 is a local event for community revitalization in Hiroshima City. The Mazda Technical College*2 exhibited a booth and offered special education programs such as toy car race, paper crafts and robot operation experience. The participants experienced fun of manufacturing and expanded their interests.

Date:  September 10 (Sunday), 2017
Place: Mazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima

*1 This means “Come, see and ride.”
*2 Mazda Technical College, approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan, is an in-house education institution offering courses to high school graduates and selected employees in order to cultivate human resources that can play a central role in manufacturing at Mazda.

[Japan] Kite-Mite-Notteminsai 2017 (Hiroshima)

Mazda will continue fostering people who will be future leaders in the foundation of society and in business as part of social contribution (as human resource development).