[China] Supporting the Development of Human Resources of the Next Generation

Mazda Motor (China) Co.,Ltd. (MCO) visited a recipient junior high school and deepened interaction with children of "the Mazda wheat seedling class".

MCO has provided support for children financially and mentally through the Wheat Field Project Education Foundation*1, set up in 2005 as the non-governmental NPO for educational support in China.

In FY December 2015, MCO began to support 43 children of the Wheat Seedlings Class at a junior high school in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, as the second three-year term*2 of activities. MCO is conducting various activities with their contributions.*3 MCO launched its new initiative of supporting teachers in exchanging opinions and trainings, and donated daily necessities, such as school uniforms and shoes, to students in the Wheat Seedlings Class, through the activity called “Warm Winter Activity” in December.

In September 2016, a staff that represents MCO visited the Wheat Seedlings Class for the first time. She deepened interaction with children through introduction video on Mazda history and a video message in which all employees involved.

Comments from school principal and teachers (excerpt)
- I hope that we will reinforce engagement with MCO. If we could, we would like to provide our students with more opportunity of learning and field trips by utilizing MCO’s facilities to broaden their knowledge, with the cooperation of MCO.
- The students who saw the video of a long history of tackling challenges at Mazda and of MCO all employees’ message, felt love and active interest from the supporters, and were encouraged a lot. We would like to continue this kind of opportunity.

Comments from participating students (excerpt)
- I wish to express our gratitude for bringing warmth to us on the occasion of the visit from MCO. I try my best to create a better future for myself.
- I am happy to have had a chance to see MCO staff through this visit. I appreciate the silent support that MCO employees give us.
- We received so much love from MCO employees. I will be sure to convey “love” from MCO. I am grateful for the warm message from MCO employees.

Comments from a visited staff that represents MCO (excerpt)
- I would like to further promote the interaction between the students and MCO employees, and deepen the recognition of each other so that this program can benefit each member of both students and our employees.

*The term “Wheat Field” in this foundation’s name embodies its founder and namer’s admiration for the joy of harvests from “swaying golden carpets of wheat fields.” Supporting this foundation and cooperating with local schools, Mazda began to offer the Mazda Wheat Seedlings Class with the aim of encouraging “tiny seedlings to grow vigorously into golden wheat fields.” Its first-term activities starting in September 2012 included funding for library establishment and book donation. In addition, MCO employees exchange letters with children at these schools.
*Three years from September, 2015 to July, 2018
*The funds will be used for a scholarship, a subsidy for economically disadvantaged children in the Wheat Seedlings Class, the establishment of the second classroom, teacher training, and daily necessities, such as school uniforms and school supplies.

Introduction to the Mazda Wheat Seedling Class utilizing Video

Introduction to the Mazda Wheat Seedling Class utilizing video

Mazda is fulfilling its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen through ongoing involvement in socially beneficial activities tailored to the needs of local communities, in order to ensure that its business activities contribute to the building of a sustainable society.