[Japan] Forest Protection Activities

Mazda conducted forest protection activities as a part of environmental protection efforts.

The tenth Forest Protection Activity at “Mazda-no-Mori” (employee-management cooperation program) *1

Date:    June 18 (Saturday), 2016 9:30-14:00
Place:   Hiroshima Prefecture Ryokka (afforestation) Center

Present and former Mazda employees, their families and friends, and members of a social contributions study group*2 joined a carefully planned forest thinning effort as volunteers, with guidance and cooperation from a forest management volunteer organization (Total: 81 people participated of record-high).


*1 “Mazda-no-Mori (Mazda Forest)” is the nickname of a 5.85 ha area on the grounds of the Hiroshima Prefecture Ryokka (afforestation) Center in a natural forest covering 125 ha, located to the northeast of the Mazda Head Office.
*2 A social contributions study group, comprising one organization and 18 companies, including Mazda.


Fureai-no-Morizukuri (increasing forest-touching) program in the Saba River Basin and Mt. Ohira

Date:          June 18 (Saturday), 2016 10:00-14:00
Place:         The foot of Mt. Ohira (in Yamaguchi Prefecture)
Organizer: Hofu City Industrial Promotion Department

Mazda employees joined as volunteers to weed (Total: 32 companies/groups, 174 people, including 7 employees of Mazda).
Mazda agrees the Hofu City Fureai-no-Morizukuri (increasing forest-touching)” program in the Saba River Basin and Mt. Ohira (hosted by the Hofu City) and employees have been cooperating as volunteers to weed and plant trees since 2013.