[Global] The 2nd Annual Mazda Social Contribution Prize

Mazda selected prizewinning activities for the 2nd Annual Mazda Social Contribution Prize, which is a commendation system to promote outstanding social contribution activities of Mazda Group companies.

Mazda hopes this prize*1 will raise in/external recognition of the outstanding social contribution activities and support for increasing excellent activities.
The prize was selected by Mazda Social Contribution Committee*2 from the activities introduced on “Mazda Sustainability Report 2015 (Social Contribution Version)”*3 with viewpoints of resolving social issues, improving corporate values and expressing Mazda uniqueness.

Shown below are activities selected to “The 2nd Annual Mazda Social Contribution Prize”

Grand Prize (Japan):
Love Hofu Flea Market (Japan*4)
Grand Prize (Overseas):
Mazda Drive for Good Campaign (United States of America*5)
Special Prize:
Blood Donations (Japan*4)
Special Prize:
Hokkaido Kenbuchi Proving Ground Open Facility Event (Japan*4)
Special Prize:
Port Facility Tour for Elementary and Junior High School Students (Japan*6
Prize for Encouragement:
Donating Toys to Children in Salamanca (Mexico*7)

*1 The commendation is carried out once a year. This system was established in 2015.
*2 Established in 2010. The committee is regularly held (twice a year) to have discussions on policy/issues and to share information about social contribution (Chairperson: Executive officer in charge of CSR and Environment).
*3 Carried out over 400 activities in Japan and overseas (Around 100 activities are summarized).
*4 Mazda Motor Corporation
*5 Mazda North American Operations
*6 Mazda Logistics Co., Ltd.
*7 Mazda de Mexico Vehicle Operation 

Social contribution activities operated in Japan
Social contribution activities operated in overseas

[Global] The 2nd Mazda Social Contribution Prize

[Global] The 2nd Mazda Social Contribution Prize

[Global] The 2nd Mazda Social Contribution Prize

As a company engaged in global business, Mazda is fulfilling its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen through ongoing involvement in socially beneficial activities tailored to the needs of local communities, in order to ensure that its business activities contribute to the building of a sustainable society.