[Japan] Welfare Vehicle Donation (Hiroshima)

Mazda arranged a ceremony for the donation of a welfare vehicle, at the cumulative number of visitors reached thirteen million.

Date:  September 7 (Wednesday), 2016
Place: Mazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima

For each one million stadium visitors, Mazda donates one Mazda welfare vehicle to a social welfare organization. The ceremony was attended by the related parties including Mr. Masamichi Kogai, Representative Director, President and CEO of Mazda. Accordingly, the thirteenth vehicle was donated to a selected organization in Hiroshima City.

Ceremony of welfare vehicle donation

Ceremony of welfare vehicle donation


Cumulative number of visitors Date of achievement
One million August 1, 2009
Two million April 18, 2010
Three million August 29, 2010
Four million July 1, 2011
Five million April 20, 2012
Six million August 24, 2012
Seven million June 18, 2013
Eight million April 4, 2014
Nine million July 30, 2014
Ten million April 17, 2015
Eleven million July 25, 2015
Twelve million April 3, 2016
Thirteen million July 13, 2016