[Japan] Participation in the 24th Love Hofu Flea Market (Yamaguchi)

The Love Hofu Flea Market is one of western Japan’s largest street flea markets, attracting more than 100,000 visitors every year. The Hofu Plant has taken part in the event since its inception in 1993, to contribute to community revitalization.

Date:  October 15 (Saturday), 2016
Place: Hofu-shi central shopping area (Hofu-shi, Yamaguchi)

This flea market is the leading event of the Love Hofu Campaign*1. Companies, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the local government, and shopping centers work together to organize the event. As the secretariat of the Love Hofu Campaign Promotion Companies, the Hofu Plant participates in planning and running the flea market, and presents the Mazda booth jointly with partner companies.
From the Hofu plant, around 300 employees including management members worked as volunteers to help out at the Mazda booth.
At the booth, Mazda held a bazaar, various food stalls made from locally produced ingredients, etc. A portion of the proceeds from the flea market was donated to the Hofu City Social Work Council, and used as a fund for holding next year’s flea market.

*1 The Love Hofu Campaign, proposed by Mazda and other companies in accordance with the philosophy, “A company is also a family member of the city,” commenced in April 1993, with the participation of 35 companies having factories in Hofu City, etc. Currently, 150 companies promote the campaign (the secretariat of which is located at the Mazda Hofu Plant).

Participation in the 24th Love Hofu Flea Market (Yamaguchi)