[Japan] Support for Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Efforts

Mazda donated to the Japan NPO Center as support for Great East Japan Earthquake recovery efforts and received a certificate of appreciation.

Date:  July 22 (Friday), 2016
Place: Head Office (Hiroshima)

Mazda conducted online customer opinion/request survey, rating quality of dealership response and service, of customers who purchase Mazda vehicles or bring vehicles in for maintenance or servicing (survey title: Questionnaire about Your Dealership). To support reconstruction in the earthquake-affected areas, the company donates 50 yen for every response it receives during the survey period. (The effort continued since August, 2011.)
This year, Mazda donated 9,272,700 yen (50 yen x 185,454 replies) to the Japan NPO Center for the Japan Earthquake Local NPO Support Fund.

Detailed information since April 2011


Mr. Yasufumi Tajiri, Board of Directors of the Japan NPO Center (left)
and Hironori Tanaka, Deputy General Manager, Domestic Business Division of Mazda