Connecting Hearts Across 2,000 km Between Shanghai and Sichuan

Support for the Mazda Wheat Seedlings Class

[China] Mazda Motor (China) Co.,Ltd. (MCO)

Support through Correspondence and Exchange

Support through Correspondence and Exchange

Through the Wheat Field Project Education Foundation, set up as a non-governmental NPO for educational support in China, MCO is supporting children in the Mazda Wheat Seedlings Class. They started offering this class in 2012 with the aim of encouraging "tiny seedlings to grow vigorously into golden wheat fields."
In addition to funding libraries and teacher training, the class allows MCO employees to provide both financial and mental support to children through the exchange of letters and the gifting of daily supplies.
In July 2017, employee representatives from the MCO offices in Shanghai traveled 2,000 km to Sichuan Province for an exchange program with children at summer camp. Following these exchange activities, they received many origami along with messages such as "I will be a volunteer too, in the future," and "I will work hard to get into an ideal university."

Support through Correspondence and Exchange

In December, MCO sent the children books, writing materials, and sweets, along with letters from the employees. The children are continuing to deepen this exchange, by sending messages of gratitude in letters and videos.

By the numbers
Duration of program: 6 years (three-year per period)
Total number of students: 94 students