What Will Our Future Be Like?

Environmental Awareness for Children

[Japan] Mazda Motor Corporation

Children Participated in a Quiz to Imagine What the World Will Be Like When They Grow Up

Children Participated in a Quiz to Imagine What the World Will Be Like When They Grow Up

At EcoPro, an international exhibition on the environment and energy in Asia, Mazda hosts an exhibition booth to improve students' awareness of environmental issues and to introduce the environmental initiatives it is pursuing.
In FY2017, Mazda hosted a quiz with the theme "The Mazda Challenge! Initiatives to Reduce CO2 for the Future of Our Planet."* The quiz was used to encourage elementary and junior high school students, who made up more than 10% of event attendees, to think about how cars will be used in society by the time the students are adults; it also introduced steps Mazda is taking to reduce CO2 emissions in order to stop global warming. At the end of the quiz, everyone was encouraged to think together about what they can do, starting today, to help conserve the environment.

Many of the elementary and junior high school students who participated shared their thoughts, such as, "I learned that even when I become an adult, it is expected that about 84% of all cars will still have gasoline engines. I learned that Mazda is developing a variety of cars to address future conditions in order to reduce CO2 emissions." Another said, "Starting today, I'll be sure to turn off lights that I'm not using, because saving electricity can stop global warming." In addition, their teachers said it was "a good opportunity to think about environmental problems and issues that society will face in the future and to think about solutions."

By the numbers
Duration of event: 12 years
(Exhibition booths were hosted in Hiroshima Prefecture in 2004 and 2005.)

* The content of this quiz was prepared with the cooperation of Fuchuminami Elementary School in Hiroshima Prefecture.