Can Purchasing Drinks Contribute to Society?

Installation of Community-Support Vending Machines

[Japan] Mazda Parts Sales Co., Ltd., Mazda Ace Co., Ltd.

Donating a Portion of Sales Proceeds

Mazda Parts Sales and Mazda Ace have installed community-support vending machines within their companies, and donate a portion of the sales proceeds to social welfare organizations.
Mazda Parts Sales began this program in 2016. In order to support children who have become orphaned due to traffic accidents, they started by installing a vending machine at the Central Japan Distribution Center (Aichi Prefecture), and followed that in 2017, the 2nd year of this initiative, with a new vending machine in the Hokuriku Branch (Ishikawa Prefecture). A portion of the sales proceeds were donated to the Kotsuiji Ikueikai (foundation for supporting children orphaned due to traffic accidents). In addition, a vending machine with the aim of preserving the Atomic Bomb Dome remains installed in the head office (Hiroshima City). A portion of the sales proceeds from this machine are donated to Hiroshima City.
The installation of vending machines that allow people to provide support simply by buying a drink is popular among employees, and helps to raise awareness about contributing to society. Mazda Part Sales plans to continue increasing the number of these vending machines in the future.
Mazda Ace also started installing these vending machines in 2017. At the Hofu Plant (Yamaguchi Prefecture), they have installed four vending machines to support the Red Feather Community Chest, and one vending machine to support the Children's Tomorrow Flower Project, which supports disadvantaged children. A portion of the sales proceeds from these machines are donated to these programs.

Donating a Portion of Sales Proceeds

By the Numbers
Duration of program:
Mazda Parts Sales 2 years
Mazda Ace 1 year