International Exchange with Futsal

Supporting Multicultural Coexistence

[Japan] Japan Climate Systems Corporation (JCS)

JCS, which manufactures and sells automotive parts, has supported the Higashihiroshima City International Friendship Futsal League which has aimed to promote the international friendship and coexistence of multiple cultures, together with Hiroshima University, the Hiroshima Prefectural Police Headquarters, and the Hiroshima Japan-Brazil Association since the league's foundation in 2007, and formed a team of employees from foreign countries. The company has also provided financial and other assistance to run the league through Higashihiroshima Mazda-kai (an organization consisting of 33 corporations cooperating with Mazda neighboring in Higashihiroshima City) in which JCS serves as the chair and secretariat.

In FY 2017, in addition to providing financial assistance to run the league, JCS promoted international exchanges through hosting monthly Futsal League games with about 40 participating teams and organizing the Higashihiroshima Mazda-kai Cup as an exchange event twice a year. Participants had the following to say: "As you'd expect from a futsal league promoting international exchange, I can meet people from various countries. I really feel it's wonderful that through the same sport of futsal, I can meet people I would never normally meet in my daily life, as well as university students the same age as me and adults. I hope to continue to make new connections." "I want to make this the most famous futsal league in Hiroshima."

Spending Time with Locals and Foreign Residents

Spending Time with Locals and Foreign Residents

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Duration of program: 11 years