Mazda Sustainability Report 2018

The Mazda Sustainability Report 2018 in PDF format can be downloaded here (In-Depth Version, Social Contribution Version, Corporate Profile/Sustainability Report (Digest Version)).

Sustainability Report 2018

Full text of the Mazda Sustainability Report 2018(In-depth version)(146 pages)


PDF Full text of the Mazda Corporate Profile/Sustainability Report (Digest version) 2018(32 pages)


Full text of the Mazda Sustainability Report 2018 (In-depth version) Partial Download

Editorial Policy P2 PDF[425KB]
Corporate Vision P3 PDF[632KB]

Top Message

P4~7 PDF[239KB]

Feature Story

Mazda's “Direction of Future Frameworks” and Technologies that Enhance the Value of the Automobile

P8~13 PDF[1.0MB]
FY March 2018 Highlights / Financial Information P14 PDF[429KB]
Major Product Lineup / Top 10 Markets in Global Sales for FY March 2018 P15 PDF[584KB]
Corporate Profile / Global Network P16 PDF[748KB]

Mazda CSR

P17~28 PDF[459KB]

Customer Satisfaction

P29~36 PDF[697KB]


P37~43 PDF[375KB]


P44~53 PDF[1.4MB]


P54~86 PDF[1.2MB]

Respect for People

P87~102 PDF[801KB]

Social Contributions

P103~107 PDF[695KB]


P108~123 PDF[1.0MB]


P124~133 PDF[906KB]
Major External Evaluations/Awards for FY March 2018 P134 PDF[103KB]
History of Mazda P135~136 PDF[956KB]
Third-Party Opinion P137 PDF[70KB]
Third-Party Verification P138 PDF[289KB]
Third-Party Assurance P139 PDF[254KB]
Table of Comparisons with Guidelines P140~145 PDF[124KB]