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1.Entrance Hall

Entrance Hall

Lots of fun awaits you , including the latest Mazda vehicles and special events.

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The history of Mazda since the 1920s is featured along with an exhibit of historic vehicles. Trace the history of Mazda up to the present day.

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3.Rotary Engine

Rotary Engine

Our rotary engine technology, the pride of Mazda, is featured, and the racing car the won at Le Mans is on display.

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The vehicles manufacturing process is described. Learn how the CX-5 is built.

Explore this display via Google Street View.

5.U1 Assembly Line

U1 Assembly Line

Get a good look at the impressive vehicle assembly process. Mazda's private port can be seen from the observation deck.



This area introduces Mazda’s approach to the environment and its efforts to realize its goal of reducing CO2 emissions.

7.MAZDA Museum Shop

Mazda company merchandise is on sale along with products for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp baseball team and Sanfrecce Hiroshima soccer team, both of which are supported by Mazda.

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