Mazda 100th Anniversary Special Edition. The 100th Anniversary Special Editions are available for all major models in the Mazda lineup so that all the customers have the choice.

Aim for the stars, but remember your roots

We owe these 100 years to the continued support from our customers, business partners, shareholders and fans all over the world, who have stuck with us through thick and thin every step of the way. Towards the next 100 years, we will continue to strengthen co-creation and cooperation with all those who work with Mazda and always remain true to our unique trait of “co-creating with others” placing people at the center of our minds, constantly challenging ourselves to create unique products, technologies, and experiences that our customers love.

Mazda MX-5 of 100th Anniversary Special Edition and R360 Coupe

100th Anniversary Special Edition
To all the people who have supported Mazda

It was a defining moment for Mazda`s 100 year of history. When the three-wheeled truck manufacture challenged themselves to produce their first passenger car. Born in the 1960s, the R360 Coupe was Mazda`s first passenger car, and can be said to be the origin of Mazda`s development philosophy. The R360 Coupe was revealed at Mazda`s first passenger motor-show stand decorated in red and white. A symbol of the dream and challenger spirit that Mazda`s predecessors put into this vehicle. Mazda commemorates 100 years with special edition models. A homage to the R360 Coupe, which played a role in Mazda’s historical transition. And a pledge to continue the inherited will to brighten people`s lives.

The 100th Anniversary Special Editions are available for all major models in the Mazda lineup so that all the customers have the choice.
The special edition models will be introduced in stages to markets around the globe starting from Japan.


  • R360 Coupe launch

    Dreams of People and Mazda

    As life gradually became more prosperous, many people had the dream to own a car. Mazda also had a dream, to become an automobile manufacturer with the passion to enrich the lives of as many people as possible through car ownership. The R360 Coupe made the dreams of people and Mazda come true.

  • R360 Coupe

    Origin of Mazda`s Development Philosophy

    Mazda could realize an affordable price even while adopting a stylish coupe design and advanced technologies such as the 4-cylinder engine, new material like aluminum and magnesium, and an automatic transmission. The development philosophy of the R360 Coupe led to the way of thinking behind Skyactiv Technology and KODO Design, and is the origin of Mazda `s vision to provide all customers a safe and joyful car life.

  • Red and white interior of R360 Coupe

    Red and White with Passion

    In 1960, Mazda set up a booth in the passenger car pavilion at Japan Auto Show for the very first time. The R360 Coupe displayed at the stand had a special decoration. A unique two-tone color combination, where the interior and exterior colors were coordinated. The passion and dreams of employees were reflected by this specially coordinated show car.

    *The 100th Anniversary Special Edition adopts the red and white color coordination, which best represents Mazda`s current design theme.

  • Toyo Kogyo logo and 100th Anniversary Special Logo hubcap

    Founder`s will in the Corporate Mark

    Special Edition models feature 100th Anniversary Special Logo hubcaps. This special logo overlays the current Mazda brand symbol atop the round “Industry” logo created when Toyo Kogyo* was first firmed. The design reflects the company`s desire – inherited from its founder – to contribute to the world through engineering and its determination to strive proudly toward the next 100 years.

    * Toyo Kogyo is the former company name of Mazda.