Exceptional Functionality

Vehicles that look inviting to drive, are fun to drive, and make you want to drive them again

Mazda aims to always build vehicles with exciting and attractive styling (Distinctive Design), an exhilarating ride (Responsive Handling and Driving Performance), and outstanding functionality that delights customers whenever they get behind the wheel (Exceptional Functionality). In this way, we aim to offer our customers an emotional driving experience.

Functionality is found where humans and vehicles connect

Open the door, get in, and grab the steering wheel. This is how your connection with a car begins, and it all depends on the vehicle's functionality. Mazda puts particular focus on three aspects of functionality.

The first is "Intuitive Control"; to maximize the enjoyment of driving, it must be both safe and comfortable. Next is "Interior Comfort"; comfort and user-friendliness is also important for all the passengers, your family or friends. Third is "Materials and Craftsmanship." This refers to the quality of everything you see, hear, touch and operate within the vehicle.

At Mazda, we aim to suffuse our products with Exceptional Functionality, providing our customers with pleasure and excitement through their experience of owning and using a Mazda.


Intuitive Control

Cool styling and exceptional performance mean nothing unless the vehicle responds precisely to the driver's intentions.

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Interior Comfort

Mazda believes that a vehicle cabin can be made to perfectly fit a person's lifestyle. We scientifically analyze individual...

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Materials and Craftsmanship

If an outfit is well made, has fabrics and colors that match, high quality materials, and fits well, it can be worn everyday...

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