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21. The race heats up
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Racing rivalries in Japan
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The Road to Le Mans
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Chapter 5: The road to glory at Le Mans(21/22)
21. The race heats up

  As dawn broke on day two, 20 cars were still running, with 19 having retired.In third position, the No. 55 Mazda was upping the pace and continuing to put pressure on the two leading Mercedes. The German cars were responding to the challenge by going quicker still, and it was fast becoming a question of endurance.
  At four a.m., the second placed Sauber Mercedes, No. 31, was struck with a drivetrain problem and dropped out of contention, allowing the 55 Mazda to move up into second. Meanwhile, fifth placed Mazda No. 18 was also running strongly and had narrowed the gap to the Jaquar ahead down to 30 seconds. However, a problem with its right drive shaft was discovered during a pitstop at 9 a.m., and after repairs it returned to the track down in seventh. By early morning, the third Mazda had worked its way up to ninth position when a tire suddenly burst. The pit crew waited anxiously for the car to come in, but after a quick tire change it was back in the race without dropping a single position.

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