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17. Qualification
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17. Qualification

  Forty three cars made it to the first day of qualification on June 19, having passed the previous day's inspections. Despite persistent light showers, all three Mazda cars managed to set impressive times at a relatively early stage.
  Day two of qualifying opened to yet more rain and a wet track. As it gradually dried out, each team set about improving on their earlier times. Instead of chasing lap times, however, the Mazdaspeed Team decided to use this second day to concentrate on optimizing the vehicle settings for the actual race. Once the settings were finalized, all the drivers felt confident of a good result.
  (Qualification results: Mazda 787B car No. 55: 12th, Mazda 787B car No. 18: 17th, Mazda 787 car No. 56: 24th)

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