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Motor Sports Photo Library
13. Development of the over 350 Km/h 787 racecar
Motor sport challenges in Europe
Racing rivalries in Japan
Motor sports in the U.S.A
Rallying and other challenges
The Road to Le Mans
Racing rotaries of today
Chapter 5: The road to glory at Le Mans(13/22)
13. Development of the "over 350 Km/h" 787 racecar

  The concept for the 787 was an "over 350 Km/h car." The radiator was moved into the nose in order to optimize weight distribution and improve cooling sufficiently to cope with the more powerful new engine. The vehicle profile was lowered by flattening the exterior panels, dropping the rear wing down, and moving the rest of the cooling system pipes and air intake ducts to the sides of the body. Other modifications cut air resistance even further. The body width was reduced by 50 mm and rear wheel arch spats were added. The finished car generated 30 percent less drag than the previous yearfs 767B. To increase chassis rigidity and improve safety, the 787 also featured a carbon fiber monocoque.

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