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4. The 727C and C2 class-winning Lola T616 Mazda
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Chapter 5: The road to glory at Le Mans(4/22)
4. The 727C and C2 class-winning Lola T616 Mazda

  At the 1984 Le Mans, four rotary engined cars entered the renamed C2 class (formerly Group C Junior). Two were 727Cs with improved 310 bhp 13B engines that were run by the Mazdaspeed team and two were Lola T616s Mazdas from the American B.F. Goodrich team. The Mazdaspeed cars were beset by troubles.
  Car 86 lost three and a half hours due to a collision with another car and transmission problems, while car 87 lost two hours with suspension trouble. In contrast, as morning broke on the second day the Lola T616 Mazdas were racing amongst the C1 class contenders in fifteenth and sixteenth. By midday they had crept up to eleventh and thirteenth. At three o'clock, the lead car passed the checkered flag for tenth place overall and a win in the C2 class.
  The other Lola T616 Mazda also had a good race and secured a twelfth place finish. Although the 727Cs finished a disappointing fifteenth and twentieth, all four cars successfully completed the full 24 hours.

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