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9. Winning the Fuji Grand Champion series
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Racing rivalries in Japan
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Chapter 2: Racing rivalries in Japan(9/10)
9. Winning the Fuji Grand Champion series

  A March 75S powered by the 13B engine (which produced 290 bhp at 9,000 rpm) won the Fuji 1000 kilometer race in May 1977. This was the engine's first ever victory. In September that same year, the maximum output was increased to 300bhp, enough to win the Fuji Inter 200 mile stage of the Fuji GC series. In 1979, a Lucas mechanical injection system was mounted on the engine, which pushed the output up to 311 bhp at 10,000 rpm, and also greatly improved the supply of gas to the engine through the fast corners and the car's initial acceleration out of the slow corners. With this setup, a racing 13B engine powered car was finally able to conquer the Fuji Gand Champion series.

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